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Tickle Your Fancy Ladies Self Pleasure Guide Book

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There are so many adult toys on the market today, but everyone is different and reacts uniquely to every touch and sensation.

A women's guide to sexual self-pleasure attempts to help you bring the best out of every intimate moment of self discovery and sensual pleasure. Love yourself like nobody else! Live out your full orgasmic potential in this playful self-pleasure guide for women.

You will come to enjoy all the breathtaking passion you have coming to you. Stress-melting touches that satisfy your soul. Experience wave after wave of heart-racing orgasms like you've never imagined!

The pleasure is all yours to control:

* Discover over 30 sensual touches and buzzes for a lifetime of ohmygod! orgasms.
* See over 60 guiding illustrations to awaken the magic in your hands.
* Find out how to caress yourself to deep, satisfying G-spot climaxes. 
* Learn to free your mind for all the pleasure you deserve. A pleasure trove for all of today's women.and curious men!