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Dating Apps – Are we Losing in Love?

Lazy in LoveWant new clothes? The latest trainers? Something for dinner?……. Different partner? Or just no strings attached sex?In the world of smartphones, we can search for the latest products at the … read more

Cunnilingus – The Power of the Flower

Cunnilingus [ kuhn-l-ing-guh s ]NOUNmass nounStimulation of the female genitals using the tongue or lips.from New Latin, from Latin cunnus vulva + lingere to lickIt’s estimated that 75% of women need … read more

BuzzPinky – Fun Factory Back Stage Pass

This month we have the lovely Ilona Laboviciute from Fun Factory. Ilona represents one of Europe’s largest manufacturers of sensual silicone toys. Since 1996 their focus has been on developing excitin … read more

BuzzPinky – LELO Back Stage Pass

This week, we’re delighted to welcome Cameron Long-Tel from LELO. Cameron is the UK/IRE Sales Manager for one of the most iconic adult brands available today. They’ve raised the bar considerably in ad … read more

What to Call a Dick According to the Situation

In a laminated poster in your doctor’s office they call it penis but to your three year old niece, it’s a willy. Call it a penis in front of your niece or a willy during your colonoscopy and you’ll be … read more