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BuzzPinky – LELO Back Stage Pass

This week, we’re delighted to welcome Cameron Long-Tel from LELO. Cameron is the UK/IRE Sales Manager for one of the most iconic adult brands available today. They’ve raised the bar considerably in ad … read more

What to Call a Dick According to the Situation

In a laminated poster in your doctor’s office they call it penis but to your three year old niece, it’s a willy. Call it a penis in front of your niece or a willy during your colonoscopy and you’ll be … read more

BuzzPinky – MD Science Back Stage Pass

This month, we’re delighted to speak with Randy Withers, International Sales Manager for MD Science the company behind the very popular Swiss Navy range of personal lubricants.Let’s jump in… Would yo … read more

10 Self Care Sex Must-Haves

Self care is a preeeeetty big deal right now. It's booming almost as much as the July heat wave in the UK (did you know it was 39 degrees in London? Shocker). It’s all over our phone screens; facebook … read more

Rocks Off - Behind The Scenes

This month, we have Patrick Shakesby {New Sales Exec} telling us a little bit about his new role at the award winning sex toy company ‘Rocks Off’ based in Northamptonshire, UK.Go Patrick GO!!!1. Would … read more