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Why Male Sex Toys Deserve Your Attention

Male pleasure has long been a weird, forbidden taboo. Male toys are something to laugh about, buy as a gag gift for a friend or awkwardly avoid when someone brings them up in the conversation. Gene … read more

BuzzPinky - making a splash in the Daily Mail

BuzzPinky Feb 2020 The team at BuzzPinky celebrating the launch of BuzzPinky Otium Organic Personal Lubricant 100mlAnd someone getting chained up!Find out more: … read more

BuzzPinky – SHOTS Back Stage Pass

This month we have managed to grab a few moments with the lovely Maura Claes from ‘SHOTS’. Maura is all about Lingerie and is responsible for the new launch of Forplay lingerie. This line is new in to … read more

BuzzPinky – MYSIZE Back Stage Pass

This month, we’re delighted to welcome Thomas Hahn from R&S. They are respected for their excellent Condom brands MYSIZE, VITALIS, ON. We’ve worked closely with them for a number of years, and we … read more