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BuzzPinky Pride Pack

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BuzzPinky Pride Pack


Free Shipping included! This kit includes:


Rocks Off O-Boy Prostate Massager

The P spot for men is often as elusive as the female G spot when it comes to sexual satisfaction. This fine specimen is designed to hit the spot every time and boy will you know about it when it does! Whether you are using for self pleasure or to treat your partner, this stimulator is also a fab massager to get you well and truly in the mood for the main event.


The Mighty Douche Anal Cleanser

The Mighty Douche Anal Cleanser, Maximum Capacity for the perfect Flush. Our pink and black striped anal douche will help you keep clean and ready for action. The ball is 12*8.5cm, which contains a volume of 224ml, and the 6cm tube is easily filled with an Instant Connect Nozzle. The Mighty Douche is made from body safe silicone and looks rather groovy in a 60’s The Prisoner kind of way. You could have it as an ornament and nobody would ever guess! Who said keeping clean couldn’t be stylish.


Bang Booty Anal Glide 100ml

Bang Booty lubricant contains concentrated Jojoba extract, a natural relaxing agent, to ease the way while the super-slippery silicone in the lube ensures that things can keep moving easily for a long time before any re-application is needed. The incredible silicone based formula can be used for vaginal or anal sex.

This premium silicone based personal lubricant is an ultra concentrated formula, slick to the touch, long lasting but not sticky.

Formulated with only the highest quality body safe ingredients. Tasteless and odorless.

Ideal for body massages and skin moisturizing. Waterproof. Dermatologist tested and approved. Latex and condom safe. Very first silicone lubricant formula made for personal use.

This super-concentrated formula doesn't wear out, and it never changes in texture or consistency. It's slippery, soft, and luxuriously smooth, and you only need a few drops for hours of pleasure. A single bottle will last for quite a while in even the busiest of bedrooms.


BuzzPinky Lockabox

Keep your sex toys away from prying eyes with the ultimate box of tricks

Beautifully crafted from high quality polycarbonate plastic (the same stuff that police riot sheets are made from!), this opaque black container is a discreet home for all your vibrating toys and their friends. But it’s way more than just a little black box- cleverly designed locator pins and sockets allow for multiple boxes to be stacked together, removable shelves keep things nice and tidy and airflow holes mean your toys will stay fresh and hygienic- way better for you than gathering dust at the bottom of a drawer.

Shatterproof, robust and completely secure, the Lockabox comes with a changeable code so you can choose your own password. No more worrying about dildos falling out of cupboards or Great Aunt Nora having a heart attack when she’s staying for the weekend. The only person who ever needs to know what’s inside this little box of wonders is you. Perfect.


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