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WET® Platinum® Silicone Lubricant

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Wet Platinum, Stays Wet Longer: Wet Platinum luxury personal lubricant for men, women, and couples is made up of a pure silky silicone base, so a small amount goes a long way. This slick, but oil free, premium sex lube is Wet’s longest lasting formula and doubles as a full body lotion, allowing for intimate and sensual massages that leaves skin feeling soft and moisturized. Wet Platinum is an FDA medical accepted device, causes no irritation, and helps ease discomfort as well as vaginal dryness. This smooth gliding lubricant is not sticky and does not dry out. Works Underwater: Unlike water based lubes, Wet Platinum does not dissolve or evaporate under water because it is not water soluble. Although it takes a bit of effort and some mild soap to wash out, there is no limit to the places where Wet Platinum Premium can be enjoyed. Try this smooth personal lubricant at the outdoor spa, in a sensual shower, intimate bath, or even at the beach among the cool ocean waves. Wet Platinum works to provide you and your partner with the ultimate feel in pleasure and intimacy. Please be sure to exercise caution when in use because Wet Platinum is extremely smooth and slippery. Toy Safe and Adds Shine to Latex and Leather Wet Platinum lube is toy safe. This luxurious formula can be used with a variety of materials, but is not recommended for use with products made of silicone. Condom compatible and latex friendly, this vegan lube can be used to polish and shine all types of BDSM and fetish-wear. Wet does not recommended for use on upholstery or satin in case stains occur.