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Tickle His Pickle Your Penis Instruction Manual

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Hotter Sex Is Now In Your Hands!

Ok gents - this ones for you guys. Discover all the very best tips and tricks to bring you to harder and stronger climaxes. Tickle His Pickle adult book, is the at the pinnacle of all penis instruction manuals.

Learn all the highly orgasmic touches and techniques that'll rev up your passion, rekindle his intimacy, and spark the reddest hottest lustiest sex ever. 

Peek Inside. You'll Discover. 

* Over 50 sizzling techniques to master oral lovemaking 
* How to fulfill his erotic fantasies (so he'll beg for more) 
* Arousing sex toy tricks that'll supercharge his orgasms 
* A tiny erogenous zone that triggers king-sized climaxes 
* Top 10 tips to avoid the biggest penis no-no's 

Plus many more turn-ons for both of you!