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Satisfyer Pro Traveler

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Satisfyer are back and have provided an elegant travel companion that will take you to the land of multiple orgasms. Whether globetrotter or home in luck: The practical cap closes magnetically and makes your pleasure charm a discreet and hygienic companion. With its compact size the Satisfyer Pro Traveler vanishes nimbly in your pocket. The sleek design and stunning interior technology make it a lifestyle product that should not be missing in any toy collection. The handy pressure wave vibrator allows multiple orgasms through non-contact stimulation. 11 steps make this lay-up vibrator a highlight that pampers your lust pearl depending on the mood with soft or powerful waves. The intuitive operation allows you to easily switch between the intensities up and down and thus gives you maximum individual pleasure. The powerful engine is particularly quiet, so that you are carried inconspicuously on the way to climax. The extraordinary stimulation under water is particularly stimulating - so with the waterproof Traveler the bathtub is worth a trip! The inside, as well as the cuddly ring that clings to your clitoris, are made of skin-friendly silicone and provide a smooth, very slippery surface. With water-based lubricant the feeling experience is intensified even further. The integrated batteries of the Satisfyer Pro Traveler make this toy environmentally friendly rechargeable. If you want to charge your pleasure-bringer via mains plug, the enclosed USB magnetic cable can be supplemented with a standard mains plug with 5V. The skin-friendly silicone is very easy to care for. Under lukewarm water, the toy can be easily cleaned with soap. With a few sprays of a disinfectant Toycleaner you will ensure very thorough hygiene all around. - Magnetic cap - 11 quiet pressure wave programs - Perfect for traveling - Wateproof and skin-friendly - Rechargeable including USB charging cable