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Poweract - The Power To Perform - Supplement (2 Pills)

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  • 100% Natural Ingredients and Effective male enhancement food supplement
  • Made by a company you can trust - skins Sexual Health - The makers of Skins Condoms
  • POWERACT boosts Testosterone, Energy and Stamina to Support maximal strength and is a safe and effective enhancer for male sexual performance.
  • Intense arousal - maximum pleasure
  • 2 Pills

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Poweract can be taken in two ways:


1)     1 – 2 tablets taken 45 – 60 minutes before activity. Containing L’arginine to help blood flow , zinc to maintain testosterone levels in the blood, and several energy inducing nutrients, Poweract can help maintain sexual vigour and vitality when required most.


2)     1 tablet taken daily to help maintain normal fertility. One tablet of Poweract contains 50mg of zinc and 110 mg of selenium – enough to help both quality and quantity of sperm. As sperm takes between 75 and 90 days to mature in the testes it is recommended to continue use over a three month period to have the desired effect.