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The ultimate cock cage for couples. With this C Ring Super Soft Silicone cock cage, you and your partner can experience extra stimulated pleasure when and where you need it most. This premium C ring cock cage, delivers incredible clitoral stimulation + internal vibrations at the same time. The Ultimate Couples Cage is the perfect choice. With a pair of super powerful vibrating bullets cleverly positioned inside and on top of the super-soft enclosure, this vibrating erection enhancer will turn ordinary sex, into truly mind-blowing marathon sessions. He'll love the tight squeeze, combined with the pleasurable buzz stimulation (and rock hard erections!), while she will be enjoying the wall-banging climaxes delivered by the powerful clitoral vibrations. You'll both love it when he performs like a pro and extends the fun!


17 x 7.8 x 4 cm

2 Batteries AAA