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Pipedreams Anal Fantasy Collection Ass-Kicker with Cockring Black

PD 4609-23
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If you are ignorant of the pleasures you are entitled with your rear end parts, the Pipedreams Anal Fantasy Collection Ass-Kicker with Cockring Black will open doors to many erotic activities. It is a cock-ring and butt-plug in one single device, enhancing your performance and prolonging ejaculation. Wear the ring on your member to block the blood flow, securing the erection and holding on for long. When you are about to ejaculate, remove the butt-plug and experience an even more pleasurable sensation with ejaculation. The Ass-kicker is made from stretchable silicone material and the plug delivers scintillating vibrations up your anus with a powerful motor. The kit comes complete with a phthalate free, hypoallergenic and body safe Ass-kicker, two finger sleeves, anal desensitizing cream, anal lube, and toy cleaner.