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Orgie - Pearl Lust Massage Set

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Pearl Lust Massage Set: 01 Silky Touch Premium Silicone Gel, 01 Pearl Necklace, 01 Guide.

Made In Portugal With a Brazilian Formula

The PEARL LUST MASSAGE SET was created in order to increase the intimacy of the couple, providing unique moments of desire and pleasure. Sensuality is its keyword, perfect for women and men who are not afraid to dare and fulfill their sexual fantasies. Involving, luxurious and exclusive, the set contains: 01 Silk Glove - massage silky touch premium silicone gel that delivers a dry silky touch as if you are wearing a silky glove; 01 Pearl Necklace - perfect to perform sensual massage on pênis and vagina stimulating several pleasure spots; 01 Printed Guide - with detailed step-by-step of the massage. An exclusive Orgie product.