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Orgie - Lube Tube Anal Sensitive - 100ml

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Hybrid Water Based And Silicone Lubricant With Healing And Moisturizing Actives

Specially Formulated For People Who Are More Sensitive Or Beginners In The Anal Pleasures

Odorless And With Long-Lasting Superior Grade Lubrication

Lube Tube is not sticky and easy to clean up and wash-out.


Lube Tube Anal Sensitive is specially formulated for people who are more sensitive or beginners in the anal pleasures. Enriched with hyaluronic acid that tones and hydrates the anus, making it more elastic; and Asian Centella that treats possible fissures eliminating discomfort after sex. Odorless and with long-lasting superior grade lubrication. Lube Lube Tube is not sticky and easy to clean up and wash-out.