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New Moon Personal Bleaching Cream - 30ml

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New Moon is a natural skin lightening cream designed for all-over use and suitable for sensitive skin including use on intimate areas of the body.

This personal skin lightening cream has been designed for use on dark patches of skin that can cause a decline in confidence.

To use simply apply a small amount of New Moon to the area rub into the skin and within a couple of weeks the area should gently begin to fade giving you an even skin tone wherever New Moon has been applied.

Unlike other formulations New Moon is free from harsh acids like hydroquione and kojic acid which can often be found to irritate the skin. Thanks to its unique natural formulation New Moon is exceptionally gentle on the skin which is why it can be used all over the body including intimate areas like the penis and anus.

New Moon also absorbs rapidly does not leave a sticky or oily residue and a little New Moon goes a very long way.

The New Moon skin lightening formulation can be used for a skin conditions including lightening dark patches of skin moles and scars.

New Moon can be used by all skin types and colours.

New Moon comes in a 30ml pump-action bottle.