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Liquid Silk Lubricants

Liquid Silk provides maximum lubrication. This water-based, non-tacky personal lube was created by our colleagues at Bodywise in the United Kingdom to provide the ideal combination of personal lubrication and all-over skin conditioning.

The silky smooth formulation of Liquid Silk sets it apart from most water-based lubricants in that it is bio-static, meaning it will kill any bacteria or yeast it comes into contact with. This lubrication is also meant to decrease skin irritation, which adds added comfort to sex and makes it safer and more delightful.

This lube produced by Bodywise is also an excellent moisturiser. It's non-tacky, which means it won't break down or clump, and it doesn't leave you feeling sticky. It just glides into your skin with ease. Ideal for tantric sex or massages.

Q. Is Liquid Silk Lubricant made from Silk worms?

A. Thankfully, No! Despite the hilarious internet rumour, we can safely say no silk worms were harmed (or used) in the manufacturing of Liquid Silk Lubricant! The bodywise formula is very silky, but not for that reason!


Q. Where is Liquid Silk made?

A. Liquid Silk is manufactured in the Isle of Wight (United Kingdom)


Q. Where can I find Liquid Silk reviews?

A. Liquid Silk has plenty of positive reviews on, and to this day is one of their most popular lubricants.


Q. What sizes are available for Liquid Silk?

A. Liquid Silk comes in 3 sizes. 50ml/1.69floz, 250ml/8.45floz, 500ml/16.9floz.

The 500ml is exclusive to BuzzPinky


Q. Is Liquid Silk waterbased?

A. Technically, No. Liquid Silk is more of a hybrid lubricant, as it contains a small spash of silicone. It is primarily water based however.

Though it's formula is largely water based, It does infact contain trace elements of silicone to give it that luxurious non tacky feel.


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