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Liquid Silk Lubricants


Enjoy supreme lubrication with Liquid Silk. Manufactured by our friends at Bodywise in the United Kingdom, this water-based, non tacky personal lube was developed to offer the perfect balance between personal lubrication and all over skin conditioning. 

What separates Liquid silk from most water-based lubricants is that the silky smooth formulation is bio-static, stopping any bacteria or yeast it is exposed to. This lube is also designed to reduce irritation to the skin, which adds extra comfort making sex safer and more pleasurable.

Body-wise developed liquid silk to be an amazing moisturiser too. Because it's doesn't leave you feeling sticky, and it's non-tacky, meaning it won't break down or clump, it just effortlessly glides into this skin. Ideal for massages or tantric sex. This water based formula is also long lasting, a little really does go a long way.

Liquid Silk has no smell and leaves the skin feeling fresh and supple. If you're asking yourself what's the best personal lubrication available, It's fair to say Bodywise have a worthy contender right here.

BuzzPinky stock 50 ml, 250 ml and the New XL 500 ml sized bottle exclusively.