Level - Energy - Delay Lubricant 100ml

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Level Energy Lubricant Level Energy Delay Lubricant is a unique water-based lubricant and suitable for all intimate moments of contact. The Energy Level Delay Lubricant has been specifically developed to make sexual activities last longer which means that a man can postpone his orgasm. This lubricant ensures that the most sensitive spot of the man becomes less sensitive allowing him to hold out for longer. Which man doesn't want this? This way you can enjoy each other for longer!

In addition, Level Energy Delay Lubricant is designed to enhance comfort during sexual activity and complements the natural body fluids. This lubricant is safe to use in conjunction with latex condoms.

Level Energy Delay Lubricant is suitable for everyone, male and female. You can use as much lubricant as you want and need. Use this lubricant for a more intense experience together and enjoy everything this lubricant has to offer.

This lubricant by Level has been dermatologically tested, provides optimal moisturization and has an extremely long gliding ability. Consequently, this Level lubricant contributes to a comfortable and intimate moment together. Level Energy Delay Lubricant is not greasy or sticky.

Storage recommendation Level Delay Lubricant: Level Energy Delay Lubricant comes in a fancy black bottle. Always keep this bottle in a dark and cool place, like in your nightstand for instance. After opening the bottle the lubricant can be kept for twelve months.