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Enjoy the uninhibited, exhilarating pleasure with this luxurious rabbit massager. Featuring patented WaveMotion technology that rises and falls within you like the caress of a lover’s fingers, experience intense clitoral and G-spot stimulation for a tidal-wave climax that crashes over you again, and again and again.

Before first use, charge your SORAYA Wave™ for 2 hours. Unlock by pressing and holding the + and - buttons simultaneously for 3 seconds until the light turns on. Press + button to turn on; press again to increase the vibration strength. Press ( ) button to switch between the 8 vibration patterns. WaveMotion™ patterns vary from mode to mode. Press – button to reduce vibration strength. Press and hold ( ) or - button to turn off.

WaveMotion Technology

SORAYA WAVE features WaveMotion technology, which allows the head of the product to move in a ‘come-hither’ motion that mimics the touch of a lover’s fingers.