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This powerful sonic massager delivers fast yet gentle sonic waves that stimulate the entire clitoris, inside and out, for mind-blowing waves of satisfaction that resonate all around and keep you coming back. What’s more, Cruise Control™ takes the wheel when you can't hold on anymore, to make sure your device stays in drive and keeps your orgasm deeply sensual and exactly right. What is Cruise Control? Specially developed by LELO and exclusive to SONA Cruise, Cruise Control means that when it’s pressed hard against your body it won’t drop its power, so that you get a perfectly consistent, hassle-free experience. It’s not a setting, it’s completely automatic, and it eliminates the single most common complaint against pleasure products.


  • Make sure SONA 2 Cruise is unlocked by pressing and holding the + and - buttons simultaneously for 3 seconds until the light turns on.
  • Press + button to turn on; press again to increase vibration strength.
  • Press ( ) button to switch between the 12 vibration patterns.
  • Press – button to reduce vibration strength.
  • Press and hold ( ) button to turn off.


Material: Silicone, ABS

Size: 99 x 87 x 56mm

Weight: 135g

Battery: Li-Ion 1050mAh 3.7V

Charging: 2.5h at 5.0V 750mA

User Time: Up to 2 hours

Standby: 90 days

Frequency: 75Hz

Interface: 3-button

1 Year