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Le Désir Lingerie


At BuzzPinky, we are proud to present the Le Désir lingerie collection - a brand that embodies strength, sexiness, and confidence. Designed in the Netherlands, each piece is created with the belief that beauty comes in all sizes and shapes. That's why the collection is available in both regular and queen size, ensuring that every woman can feel confident and comfortable in her own skin.

Le Desirs' in-house designers bring a wealth of knowledge and precision to each piece, along with a love and passion for creating the perfect lingerie. When you slip on your favorite set, we want you to feel that love and passion too! Every box comes with a personal note, making it a truly special and intimate experience. So whether you want to feel sexy throughout the day, seduce your partner, or just feel confident when you're out, Le Désir lingerie is the perfect choice. Remember, it's your body and your life - you decide how to wear it!


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