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Fun Factory Male Masturbator Cobra Libre II Black & Red

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COBRA LIBRE II – the penis massager. Sensitive, innovative, powerful. The COBRA LIBRE II is the sex toy made for the head of the penis! This massager surrounds the tip of the penis with its soft, velvety interior made of medical-grade silicone. From gentle to powerful, the two motors deliver thrilling vibrations to the most sensitive part of the penis, the head. COBRA LIBRE doesn't need to be moved back and forth by hand – so you can just concentrate on breathtaking sensations and enjoy the ecstasy! COBRA LIBRE II is easy to clean under running water with a little bit of TOYCLEANER or mild soap. A focus on the head of the penis Fits around and hugs the tip of the penis Extra soft velvety silicone inside Two powerful motors massage the penis head Intuitive control with the thumb: PRESS FUN TO PLAY! Easy to use with one hand No up and down movements necessary 2 powerful, yet quiet motors Thrilling design Rechargeable – Love the Earth. Made of body-safe silicone – Love yourself. Waterproof – Get wet. Easy to clean under running water Size: 5.8 in. and Ø 1.7 in.

Experience more powerful orgasms

Envelops the head of the penis in rumbling vibration

A state-of-the-art toy lined with soft, velvety silicone

Two powerful motors

Use it solo or invite your partner to grind against it