Eros Kiwi Strawberry Tasty Fruits Lubricant - 100ml

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Eros Kiwi-strawberry Tasty Fruits Lubricant - 100ml

Make lovemaking a mouthwatering retreat for your partner with the delicious Kiwi-strawberry Tasty Fruits Lubricant by Eros. This fruity flavored lube has an amazing aroma and taste that will open you and your partner to complete oral pleasure and all kinds of surprises. This unique fruit lubricating gel stimulates the passion and fits naturally into any erotic activity you choose. The water-based formula is smooth and slippery for tons of fun and pleasure.


  • Delicious lubricant with Kiwi-strawberry flavor
  • Smooth and slippery texture 
  • Oil-free, non-greasy lubricant for easy clean off and enjoyment
  • Enhanced glide capability with skin moistening effect
  • Great aid for oral sex
  • Comes in a 100ml bottle