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Eros Flowery Luxury Massage Gel - 100ml

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Eros Flowery Luxury Massage Gel - 100ml

Specially designed to the needs and desires of women, the Eros Flowery Luxury Massage Gel makes for an erotically charged massage play with your partner. It is characterized by a sexy, provocative and spicy fragrance notes, including lemon and ginger, jasmine, orange blossom, water lily and exotic woods. This silicon-based lube has long-lasting glide quality and keeps you feeling soft and silky down with a floral fragrance. It comes with aloe vera and vitamin E as added care ingredients.


  • Massage Gel with erotic Floral Fragrance
  • Colorless and oil-free
  • Non-sticky and doesn’t dry out
  • Prolonged glide capability
  • Not Suitable for use with condoms
  • Comes in a bottle of 100ml