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Eros Cherry Kissable Massage Gel - 100ml

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Eros Cherry Kissable Massage Gel - 100ml

Explore your partner’s body and indulge into an incredibly smooth, sensual experience with the Eros Cherry Kissable Massage Gel. It sweetens your night of seductive massage by offering a refreshing feel with its exotic and sensual aroma. The loving touch of this alluring kissable massage oil offers a comfortable and warm feeling as you lick or kiss it off. This water soluble lubricating gel rinses away easily and is latex safe.


  • Massage with Cherry Flavor. Not Suitable for use with Condoms.
  • Dermatologically tested
  • Smooth and warm on the skin
  • Water-soluble; washes off easily
  • Colorless and non-greasy
  • Comes in a 100ml bottle