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Elements Lubricant Pack

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Elements Lubricant Pack

Personal Lubricants come in a variety of different shapes and sizes.

Silicone based lubes are slick and tend to be long lasting, so theres no need to reapply, making them a firm favourite for those vigorous marathon sessions you keep promising your partner!

Water based Lubes are fantastic, completely safe to use with toys, condoms or on the skin (but please be vigilant and read the product information to be 100%) which makes them a great universal choice.

Oil-Based Lubes are great to use directly on the skin as they are often less irritating, but in some instances they are not latex compatible, so be mindful of this when choosing your contraceptives. 

The BuzzPinky Elements Lubricants Pack offers 3 different types of lubrication for every scenario, all at a rather attractive price!!


Bang Booty Glide Anal Lubricant 30 ml

Bang Booty lubricant contains concentrated Jojoba extract, a natural relaxing agent, to ease the way while the super-slippery silicone in the lube ensures that things can keep moving easily for a long time before any re-application is needed. The incredible silicone based formula can be used for vaginal or anal sex. Formulated with only the highest quality body safe ingredients. Tasteless and odorless.

Liquid Silk Personal Lubricant 250ml

Liquid Silk Lubricant 250ml is a moisturizing water-based lube with a silky touch. The lube is one of the finest compositions available with a water-base and glycerin-free formula. The absence of glycerin makes sure the lube doesn’t promote or feed a yeast infection. The lubricant offers a silky touch and is great for reducing friction while in amorous activities.

Yes Oil Based Personal Lubricant 40ml

ES OB is a luxurious plant-oil based natural lubricant, whose rich oils and butters nourish and condition skin, giving lasting lubricity and comfort.