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Cosmopolitan Chocolate Strawberry Lubricant 4 floz

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Please note - The Cosmopolitan Sex toy range is only currently Available to our UK and European customers - we apologise for any inconvenience caused to our international ROW customers.

Free from parabens or sugar. Mouth-watering flavours without an aftertaste. Safe for use with condoms, latex and most sex toy materials.
Imagine a ripe strawberry dripping with decadent chocolate. Now infuse that flavour into a body-safe, slippery glide that intensifies your orgasmic pleasure! Enhance your next sensual experience with a deliciously tasty, smooth feel.
- Safe for use with condoms
- Safe with most sex toy materials – check toy manufacturer’s recommendations
- Not made with parabens or sugar
- Washes off most bedding with regular laundering - see labels for care instructions