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COLT Max Beads - Red

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COLT Max Beads are flexible, durable, graduated, multi-purpose beads that enhance anal sensation and gratification. Shaped into a solid form with pull handle, you’ll experience the ultimate stimulation with ease. Plus, it's crafted of TPR, making it as safe as they are satiating. Pleasure with or without a partner, and add an extra element of excitement to your next bedroom adventure. Your body will vibrate with excitement when you enjoy these anal beads. Flexible, durable, and graduated, these beads offer pure pleasure. This is a great addition to your sex toy collection. The 11" bead wand opens a whole new world of sensual enjoyment. The contoured tip is designed to make initial penetration as simple as it is pleasurable. Each bead adds more sensational pressure for a thrilling and gratifying experience. The easy-grip ring makes it easy to control your pace, and even easier to remove the beads.