Collections Premium C Rings

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The Perfect Fit Collections Premiums C-Rings Kit features a range of Perfect Fit’s bestselling cock rings. This kit includes the Cruiser Ring, a Cock & Ball, Xact Fit Rings and the Armour Up!


The Perfect Fit Collections Premium C-Rings kit includes:


The Cruiser Ring - a cock ring that’s thicker than normal rings, and gently but firmly grips your shaft for a more intense orgasm that lasts longer.


The Cock & Ball - a combo that adds weight to your balls while gripping your penis gently for a firmer erection as well as scrotum pleasure.


Xact Fit Rings - a selection of cock rings that are designed for precision and are only 0.1 inch apart for an incredible fit.


Armour Up - a cock ring that fits snugly against your torso, giving you an enhanced erection and a bulkier look. This toy is a slimmer version of the Cock Armour.