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CleanStream Shower Enema System

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This Clean Stream Shower Enema kit is easily attachable to your shower system for hassle free colonic cleansing in the privacy of your own bathroom.

It comes with both a 5'' and 3.5'' nozzle with a 6'' metal bidet hose. Made from durable metal it connects to the shower with a valve control which can be left in place for convenient use any time. The valve directs water either through the nozzle and into the anus once inserted or directly into the shower head.

The Clean Stream Shower Enema cleanses the anal passage so you can enjoy anal sex with less mess and embarrassment. It also has health benefits because it clears intestinal blockages and flushes out colonic toxins. You will feel refreshed and invigorated after using the shower enema.

The sensation of anal passage cleansing can feel very pleasurable especially for men as it stimulates the prostate gland so this enema set can even be used as part of sex and foreplay. With two widths of nozzle to use and a 10 inch soft silicon comfort nozzle available to buy separately; you can choose the most comfortable attachment to suit. The Clean Stream Shower Enema comes with a 6 foot hose that is simple to attach to most standard showers.