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Bodywise Liquid Silk 250ml/8.45floz Lubricant

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Liquid Silk 250ml Personal Lubricant

Liquid Silk Lubricant 250ml is a moisturizing water-based lube with a silky smooth formulation. Bodywise based in the South of the United Kingdom, developed this formula more than 20 years ago. The lube is one of the finest compositions available with a water-base and glycerin-free formula. The absence of glycerin ensures the lube doesn’t promote or feed a yeast infection. Liquid Silk 250ml offers a silky touch and is great for reducing friction while in amorous activities.

It is suitable for both male and female use, although it is especially beneficial for women experiencing dryness due to menopause or breastfeeding. It doesn’t give a sticky feeling and is a great lube for whatever position or activity you are planning for.

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