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Rocks Off - Behind The Scenes

This month, we have Patrick Shakesby {New Sales Exec} telling us a little bit about his new role at the award winning sex toy company ‘Rocks Off’ based in Northamptonshire, UK.

Go Patrick GO!!!

1. Would you like to introduce yourself and the company you work for? My name is Patrick and I work for Rocks-Off LTD

2. What is your role within the company and how long have you worked there? I am a Sales Executive and have been for just shy of a year now, managing accounts and working closely with many companies. The time has just literally flew by!

3. Are you more Buzz or Pinky? (open to interpretation!!) I am definitely a ‘Buzzing’ kind of man…

4. What do you enjoy most about your working day? I love the social aspect of it, conversing with others and hearing their thoughts, views and ideas. We have a small but close team, making it such a friendly environment which definitely helps. On top of that, we make countless people happy time and time again!

5. Do you have a favourite brand or product you sell, and if so, Why?

My favourite product has to be the Chaiamo, 10 super powerful speeds, rechargeable, waterproof. It sells fantastically well globally, and it comes with an affordable price tag, what’s not to love?!

6. What do you think Rocks Off does better than most? I think we do a lot better than most, however one of the biggest reasons why we are better is due to our amazing graphics design team. The skill and talent they apply to each of our packaging, posters and media campaigns is astonishing. It’s no surprise why we are always being nominated for best packaging.

7. Why do you keep going on about I’m always on BuzzPinky, looking at their fantastic selection and prices as they are always keeping right on trend.

8. Greatest personal achievement? My greatest achievement has to be bagging myself an angel of a woman (I know it’s soppy ). She’s a godsend, mostly because she does everything for me! Except for cooking, I do all the cooking due to the fact she could literally burn a cup of tea!

9. Favourite Joke? And or Bonus Question – Best TV series you are currently watching? I do have a slightly twisted sense of humour, however I will keep this one slightly less dark; {ed – he’s right *censored*}…. As for TV series, I don’t watch much telly however I am a sucker for a funny cartoon, Big Lez Show, South Park, Family Guy, Simpsons etc

10. Shout outs, Up and coming news (product launches, shows, promotions etc?)

We have several new products launching within this month, I can’t say too much but believe me when I say we haven’t skimped out on the power! Keep your eyes peeled

Well, thank you Patrick, that was all rather emotional! We’ll have Patrick back again soon for more updates on everything Rocks Off.

If you haven’t had the chance, don’t forget to check out the latest releases from Rocks Off on here.