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Bang Booty Glide Anal Lubricant (Size options)

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Bang Booty Glide Anal Lubricant 30ml / 100ml

Formulated in Germany - Bang Booty Anal Glide is a long lasting silicone based lubricant that contains a natural relaxing agent in Jojoba.

The unique formulation will help keep things a little more comfortable, so you get maximum pleasure every time.

Bang Booty's ultra concentrated formula will ensure that things can keep moving easily for a long time before any re-application is needed.

It's perfect for vaginal or anal sex.

This premium silicone based sex lube is an ultra concentrated formula, slick to the touch, long lasting but not sticky.

Formulated with only the highest quality body safe ingredients. Tasteless and odorless.

Ideal for body massages and skin moisturising. Waterproof. Dermatologist tested and approved. Latex and condom safe. 

This super-concentrated formula doesn't wear out, and it never changes in texture or consistency. It's slippery, soft, and luxuriously smooth, and you only need a few drops for hours of pleasure.

Plain packaging for complete discretion, Shipping : 100% secure and safe